Lesion/ Condition
Radiological appearance
Acute osteomyelitis
Moth eaten radiolucency
Aneurysmal bone cyst
Honeycomb or soap bubble appearance
Apert’s syndrome
Skull  radiograph“
Beaten metal” pattern
Calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor
Driven snow appearance
Cemento-osseous dysplasia
Cotton wool radiopacities
Central Hemangioma
Honey combed or sunburst or cotton wool appearance
Ground glass appearance; Floating teeth syndrome
Chronic diffuse sclerosing osteomyelitis
Cotton wool appearance/ Mosaic paatern
Coronal  dentin
Thistle tube appearance
Crouzon syndrome
Skull  radiograph“
Beaten metal” pattern
Dentinogenesis imperfecta – 2
Shell teeth
Ewing’ s sarcoma
Onion skin appearance; sunray appearance rarely
Fibrous dysplasia
Ground glass appearance; Rind sign
Garre’s osteomyelitis
Onion peel appearance
Gaucher’s disease
Erlenmeyer flask deformity of distal femur
Gigantiform cementoma
Cotton wool radio-opacities
Globulomaxillary cyst
Pear shaped radiolucency between maxillary lateral incisor
and canine
Gradner syndrome
Cotton wool radio-opacities
Hair on end or crew cut appearance
Partial loss of lamina dura; Ground glass appearance of
Metaphyses of long bone show spotty or streaky or
irregular ossifications
Hair on end or crew cut appearance
Multiple myeloma
Punched out areas of radiolucency;
Nasopalatine duct cyst
Heart shaped radiolucency between roots of maxillary central
Odontogenic myxoma
Honey comb / Mottled appearance
Looser’s zone pseudofracture line
Vertebrae- Rugger-Jersey pattern; Ribs – Endo bone (Bone
with in bone )pattern; roots are not easily distinguishable from adjacent
Intramedullary parts appears as cumulus cloud densities;
sunray/ sun burst pattern; widening of periodontal ligament; Codman’s
triangle (periosteum raised like tent)
Paget’s disease
osteoporosis circumscripta; Cotton wool appearance;
hypercementosis; loss of lamina dura
Hair on end or crew cut appearance
Primary Intraosseous Carcinoma
Moth eaten radiolucency
Chevron pulp
Psoriatic arthritis
Pencil cup appearance; opera glass deformity in joints
Regional odontodysplasia
Ghost teeth
Muller’s line (Widened space @ the site of zone of
preparatory calcification)
Rachitic rosary- costochondral prominence
Widening of lamina dura; bone resorption at angle, condyle
or coronoid area
Scurvy & Chronic Vitamin C
Increased density @ end of long bones as white lines-
“line of Frenkel”;
Signet ring appearance of epiphyses;
Zone of rarefaction around white lines- represents
“Trummerfield zone”
Sclerotic ring around epiphyses – “Winberger’ line”
Metaphyseal corner fracture-  “Pelkan spur”
Severe iron deficiency in child
Hair on end or crew cut appearance
Sialdenosis (sialography)
Leafless tree
Sickle cell anemia
Hair on end or crew cut appearance
Sjogren’s syndrome (Sialography)
Branchless fruit laden tree or cherry blossom appearance
Synovial sarcoma
Spotty calcification; snow storm appearance
Synovial sarcoma
Snow storm appearance
Rib with in a rib appearance of rib; Hair on end or crew
cut appearance; salt and pepper effect; 
Thin lamina dura


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