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ü  Methods of removal of inorganic constituents – decalcification.
ü  Methods of removal of organic constituents- incineration/ organic
chelation .
ü  Excess of calcium in the dentinal tubules is referred to as –
sclerotic dentin.
ü  First convexity of doubly curved dentinal tubules is directed
towards- apex.
ü  S shaped dentinal tubules.
 starts at – right  right angle from pulpal surface.
Ends at DEJ & CEJ –
ü  Dentinal tubules at riit tips and incisal edges – almost straight.
ü  Dentinogenesis first begins at – cusp tips .
ü  Odontoblasts.
Length – increases about – 40
Width – constant about – 7 µm.
ü  Increment of dental matrix
Until the crown is formed and
teeth erupt and move into occlusion – 4 µm/day.
After teeth eruption – 1 µm/day
Reparative dentin formation
rate – 4 µm/day .
ü  Each increment of predentin will be formed along – pulpal border.
ü  Fibers that have been described as initial dentin deposition along
the cusp tips – Korff’s fibers.

ü  Tomes granular layer increases in amount from –cemento-enamel
junction to root apex.
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