During odontoblast differentiation,
where does fibronectin and decorin accumulate?
Along the distal
pole of the differentiating cell
At what place does
Dentin phospoprotein bond to collagen?
In a highly
specific manner, DPP bonds to the e-band of the gap region of the type I
collagen fibril
Role of Dentin
Phospoprotein in mineralization
1. Transport of
ions in to mineralization front; 2. Aggregation of collagen fibril; 3.
Location of nucleation to specific region of collagen fibril; 4.
Stabilization and orientation of formed collagen
Presence of matrix
vesicle is limited to
mantle dentin is
relatively less mineralized; collagen fiber are perpendicular to enamel;
branched dentinal tubule; presence of mineralization by matrix mineralization
Chains in Type III
only alpha 1 chains
The only
glycosaminoglycans that is found unbound to any protein is
Hyaluronic acid
composition of
glycosaminoglycans in mature pulp
60% Hyaluronic
acid; 20% dermatan sulphate; 12% chondroitin sulphate and rest heparin
composition of
glycosaminoglycans in developing pulp
sulphate is major amd hyaluronic acid minor component
function of
contribute to the
bulk of proteoglycans and form large hydrated aggregates creating a gel
function of decorin
binds to type I
collagen and helps in mineralization front


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