Calcitonin -gene-related peptide and substance P in pulp cause
Vasodilation and increased capillary permeability
The approximate number of axons entering the apical foramen is
2500 axons
The percentage of axons in tooth that are myelinated is
25 percentage
The type of nerve fibres in teeth
90% are narrow A delta  and 10% are wider A
beta group []
The Plexus of Raschkow is not evident till
The tooth is erupted
The unsheathed axons of dentin are most often restricted to
Coronal dentin
What is predentinal plexus of Bradlaw
Is an area where a number of axons congregate and houses
unsheathed axons. Also houses the dentinal dentritic antigen presenting cell
Subodontoblastic zone contains a lot of
Cell processes. It is anuclear and devoid of other structures as
per EM studies
In pulp, the level of glycosaminoglycan peaks till
Eruption of teeth
The main ground substance in developing pulp  is the
Chondroitin sulfate. In mature pulp it is hyaluronan


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