Intracellular collagen vacoules are seen in
Fibroblasts. In fibroblasts that are resorbing collagen, such
vacoules are seen
During tooth eruption, PDL fibroblasts express, cytokeratin
In PDL, the epithelial cell rests are most commonly found on
This is age dependent. In first two decades, cell rests are most
commonly assoicated with apical region while from third decade they are
intimately associated with cervically in gingiva
The specific type of capillaries in PDL is
Fenestrated capillaries. Fibrous connective tissue often have
continous capillaries. In PDL this is fenestrated variant
The sensory nerve fibers of PDL govern
nociception and mechanoreception
The autonomic nerve fibers of PDL govern
blood supply of PDL
Cell bodies of PDL Mechanoreceptor neurons lie in
trigeminal ganglion and mesencephalic nucleus
Formation of neural crest cell is induced by
Organizational plan of of head is mediated by
Positional relationship of various neural plates is governed by
Notochord and prechordal plate arise initially within
Well organized mesodermally derived cells, caudal to ear is called
Less organized mesodermally derived cells, roustral to ear is
referred as
Inductive interaction of ventral forebrain and oral ectoderm leads to
formation of
Pitutary gland
Mesodermal core of each visceral arch is primarily concerned with
formation of vascular channels
Origin of connective tissue components of tongue
anterior two third from first arch mesenchyme while the posterior
from third arch mesenchyme
Enamel septum
when the enamel cord extends to meet the outer enamel epithelium, it
is enamel cord
Enamel navel
the small depression at the meeting point of enamel septum and outer
enamel epithelium


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