Dr. Vinay Kumar
Today’s contributor

Dr. Vinay Kumar shares few questions that he  “suggest few viva questions which most of the students won’t answer when i take viva” 

1)      Why
mammelons is seen in permanent dentition? Which all teeth we find mammelons???
2)      Which
all tooth we see cusp of Carabelli?
3)      Why
dentin tubules is “S” shape?
4)      Different
shapes of dentin?
5)      What
are gingival col? Significance of gingival col?
6)      Life
span of dental lamina?
7)      What
is osteodentin?
8)      What
is specialized mucosa?
9)      What
are cheek teeth?
10)  What
is the difference between clinical & anatomical crown?
11)  What
is monophyodont?
12)  Which
is the first formed structure enamel or dentin?
13)  What
are plexus of Rashkow?
14)  What
are denticles?
15)  What is reciprocal induction? Which all structures formed
through reciprocal induction ?
16)  Composition of pulpstones?
17)  Corner
stone of oral cavity?
18)  What
are blast cells & clast cells ? enzymes related to blast & clast cells?
19)  What
is the other name of canine?
20)  Thickness
of cementum is more in which area?
21)  Hopewell
smith layer
22)  Surface
structure of enamel?
23)  What
are transient structures during odontogenisis?
24)  In
ground section why enamel appear brown & cementum appears yellow?
25)  In
neonatal line prenatal structure is more mineralized or post natal structure is
26)  What
is incremental lines of salter?
27)  What
are basket cells?
28)  What
are lamina limitants?
29)  Why
stellate reticulum appear star shape?

30)  What
is the significance of desmolytic stage in amelogenisis?
 Viva PEARL welcomes contributions with answers in future’


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