The growth rate of acellular
extrinsic fibre cementum in adult is
0.005 to 0.01 micron per
what are collagen crimps
They are a specific type of
waviness of collagenous fibre, best visualized under polarizer, as a banded
structure reflecting the periodicity of the fiber
In PDL, The rate of collage
remodelling is highest along the
Root apex
Why PDL does not get
The rich presence of
hylaraoun and chondroitin sulphate deter the minerlaization. Moreover,
calcium binding proteins such as S100A4 in extracellular matrix of PDL have
been suggested to prevent mineralization
The main type of
glycosaminoglyacan in PDL is
Zone of Shear in PDL is
associated with
eruption of teeth.
Remodelling zone associated with teeth eruption and often in mid-region of
the PDL
The type of fibers that are
increased in PDL to accommodate high occusal loads are
Oxytalan fibers
An abutment teeth, as
compared to normal teeth have high numbers of ____________________ fibers
Oxytalan fibers
Periodontal ligament
fibroblasts are derived from
Gingival fibroblasts are
derived from


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