The anterior facial vein is
connected to cavernous sinus through
Superior ophthalmic vein;
Deep facial vein; Pterygoid plexus of vein
The upper pole of the
parotid gland is pierced by the
Auriculotemporal nerve;
Superficial temporal vessels; Temporal branch of facial nerve
Lower pole of parotid gland
overlaps the
Posterior belly of
The insertion of the medial
pterygoid muscle is into the
Medial surface of
mandibular ramus
The parotid duct pierces
the buccinator muscle and opens into the oral vestibule usually opposite the
Maxillary first-second
The piriform recess is
On either side of the
larynx within the laryngopharynx
The recess above the
palatine tonsil is
plica semilunaris
The  recess posterior to the salpingopharyugeal
folds within the nasopharynx is
pharyngeal recess
Recess between
glossoepiglottic fold is
The sensory root of the
fifth cranial nerve arise from the
Semilunar ganglion


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