The major arterial supply
to the jaw is via the
Internal maxillary artery.
The internal maxillary artery is a branch of external carotid artery
The internal alveolar
artery branches from internal maxillary artery just
Medial to ramus of mandible
The gasserian ganglion is
at the
Petrous part of temporal
The parasympathetic
ganglion associated with maxillary nerve is the
Pterygopalatine ganglion
The mylohyoid nerve branch
is associated with
Sphenomandibular ligament
The middle and anterior
palatine branch of maxillary nerve enters the palate through the
Minor palatine foramen. The
posterior palatine branches pass through the major palatine foramen.
The long axes of the
condyloid process if prolonged would meet at a point anterior to foramen
magnum at an angle of
135 degrees
The tempromandibular
ligament is the external portion of the
Capsular ligament
The accessory fibers of the
stylomandibular ligament is the
Stylomandibular ligament
The suspensory ligaments of
the tempromandibular joint are the
Tempromandibular and
sphenomandibular ligaments


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