1.       Discuss the neoplastic lesions of bone of CT
origin- 20 mks
2.      Classify
nerve tissue tumours and discuss in detail neurilemmoma-10 mks  
3.      What are
the neoplasias of B cell origin? Discuss in detail multiple myeloma-10 mks  
4.      Discuss
lymphomas- 25 mks
5.      Discuss
metastatic tumours of jaw bones-25 mks
6.      Giant cell
tumour of the bone-10 mks
7.      Osteogenic
sarcoma-10 mks  10 mks 
8.      Metastatic
tumours of the jaw-10 mks  25mks
9.      Discuss
tumours of nerve tissue origin-20 mks
10.  Tumour
markers-10 mks
11.  Oral tissue
neoplasms in children-10 mks
12.  Discuss
NHLs of the oral cavity–10 mks
13.  Discuss giant
cell tumour of the mandible–10 mks
14.  Discuss
giant cell tumour–10 mks
15.  Discuss
16.  What is osteosarcoma?
describe its types and HP- 10 mks
17.  Define
leukemia. Describe the clinical features and HP of monocytic leuk-10 mks
18.  Discuss
vasoproliferative lesions of the oral mucosa-20 mks 
19.  Myofibroblastic
tumours-10 mks 
20.  Variants of
lipoma-10 mks  with pathogenesis
21.  Neurilemmoma-10
22.  Pathogenesis
and variants of lipoma-10 mks 
23.  Ewing ‘s
sarcoma-10 mks 
24.  DD of
spindle cell tumours- 20 mks, 100 mks
25.  Hodgkin’s
vs NHL-10 mks- coll
26.  Chondrosarcoma-
10 mks-coll
27.  Discuss the
neoplastic lesions of the jaw bones of CT origin- others
28.  Discuss the
neoplastic lesions of jaw bones of CT origin- others
29.  Discuss the
squamous odontogenic origin-others
30.  Describe in
detail the spread of malignancy-    
31.  Discuss
Burkitt’s lymphoma-     
32.  Describe
lymph node tumours-    
33.  Rhabdomyosarcoma-
1.      Discuss
odontogenic cysts- 20 mks
2.      Describe
the histologic features and discuss the pathogenesis of dentigerous cyst- 20
3.      Discuss
lesions of the jaw that contain dentin like material-10 mks
4.      Radicular
cyst-10 mks
5.      Define ,
classify cysts of the oral cavity and discuss in detail OKC- 25 mks
6.      Discuss
pathogenesis of radicular cyst in correlation to H/P- 25 mks 
7.      Ghost cell
containing lesions-10 mks
8.      OKC as a
cyst and a benign neoplasm- 10 mks
9.      Cyst fluid
as a diagnostic marker-10 mks 
10.  Lesions of the
jaw that contain dentin like material-10 mks 
11.  Discuss
cemental lesions-20 mks
12.  Discuss
OKC–10 mks
13.  Define a
cyst. Discuss the etiology, pathogenesis and CF and HP of a periapical cyst-10
14.  Pathogenesis
of RC-10 mks 
15.  Classify
cysts of the jaw. Discuss dentigerous cyst in detail- 20 mks  
16.  Describe
cystic lesions of the maxilla- others
17.  Discuss
pathogenesis and diagnosis of dentigerous cysts- others
18.  Discuss
histopathological variations in OKC- others
19.  Discuss
cemental lesions- others
20.  Clinical
and lab diagnosis of oral cysts-    
21.  Importance
of cystic epithelium-    
22.  Pathogenesis
of dentigerous cyst-     94
23.  Role of
AGNORs of cyst- coll
24.  Pathogenesis
of radicular cyst in correlation with H/p coll
1.      Microbiology
of dental caries- 10 mks, 20 mks
2.      Microbiology
of dental caries- 25 mks  
3.      Immunology
of dental caries-10 mks
4.      Discuss
salivary caries activity tests-10 mks
5.      Etiopathogenesis
of dental caries–20 mks
6.      Discuss the
theories and etiology of dental caries–20 mks
7.      Discuss the
current views in the Etiopathogenesis of DC-10 mks
8.      Caries
susceptibility tests-10 mks
9.      Caries
activity tests-10 mks 
10.  Discuss
bacterial plaque an its relationship to dental caries- others
11.  Discuss in
detail pathology of surface caries- others
12.  Discuss
pathogenesis and histopathology of incipient carious lesions- others
13.  Discuss the
morphological and cultural characteristics of lactobacillus and discuss the
role played by it in dental caries- others
14.  Discuss the
trends of recent histological research into the initial lesion of dental
caries- others
15.  Critically
evaluate the mechanism of early enamel caries as revealed by modern research
technique- others
16.  Describe
the mechanism of early enamel caries-    
17.  Etiology of
dental  caries-    
18.  Histopathology
of DC- RGUHS 06-10 mks
19.  Immunologic
approach to the prevention of dental caries-1996
20.  Morphological
and cultural characteristics of Lactobacillus- GUJ
1.      Discuss the
histopathology and immunopathology of pemphigus group of diseases- 20 mks
2.      Discuss
lichen planus in detail-20 mks 
3.      Paraneoplastic
pemphigus-10 mks 
4.      Graft vs
host reaction- 10 mks 
5.      IHC of oral
dermatoses- 10 mks 
6.      Syndromes
related to genodermatoses- 10 mks(coll )
7.      Enumerate
white lesions of the oral cavity and discuss in detail OLP- 25 mks
8.      Immunologic
techniques in the diagnosis of PV–10 mks
9.      Classify
white lesions of the oral cavity and discuss in detail dermatologic lesions-20
10.  Discuss the
oral manifestations of pemphigus. Add a note on its IF. 10 mks
11.  Pemphigus
and pemphigoid-10 mks 
12.  Vesiculobullous
lesions-100 mks
13.  Pemphigus
vulgaris-10 mks
14.  Muco-cutaneous
lesion-100 mks
15.  Lupus Erythematosus-
16.  Describe
various muco dermatologic lesions-  
17.  Oral
genodermatoses-100mks RGUHS 06-
18.  Histopathogenesis
of OLP- 1997
19.  IHC of oral
genodermatoses- coll
  1. Describe the development of maxilla and discuss the developmental
    anomalies- 25 mks(MU)
  2. Classify and describe the developmental disorders
    affecting the jaws and skull- -25 mks ( MU)
  3. Globulomaxillary cyst- 10 mks
  4. Discuss developmental disturbances of oral and paraoral
    soft  tissues- 20 mks(
  5. Describe the anatomy of the maxillary antrum and discuss
    the lesions which are associated with it-20 mks
  6. Discuss the developmental disturbances affecting the
    tongue-20 mks  10 mks
  7. Discuss the development of tongue and mention the
    developmental anomalies thereof. 25 mks
  8. Developmental anomalies of teeth- 100 mks     
  9. Discuss the environmental factors affecting the
    structure of tooth-10 mks
  10. Enumerate and discuss the developmental cysts of the
    oral cavity- 20 mks
  11. Discuss in detail the developmental anomalies associated
    with the buccal mucosa–20 mks
  12. Dentin dysplasia–10 mks
  13. Discuss non- odontogenic cysts of the oral cavity–20
  14. Discuss lingual thyroid–10 mks
  15. Discuss the development of face and add a note on the
    developmental anomalies affecting the 
    palate-10 mks
  16. Enumerate the swellings 
    of the palate and describe in detail torus palatines-20 mks
  17. Discuss the developmental anomalies affecting the
    structure of teeth10 mks
  18. Enamel defects-10 mks 
  19. Clefts in the oral and para-oral region-10 mks
  20. Discuss in detail env factors causing hypoplasia of
    teeth- 20 mks
  21. Current concepts related to AI- 10 mks- coll
  22. Developmental anomalies affecting eruption- 10 mks coll
  23. Taurodontism- 10 mks coll
  24. Role of GS in the diagnosis of dev disorders of teeth-
    10 mks coll
  25. Drugs and teeth defects- 10 mks coll
  26.  Describe briefly
    the dento- oral diseases with genetic implications- others
  27. Discuss pathogenesis and histopathology of Dermoid cyst-
  28. Discuss fissural cysts of oral region- others
  29. Describe Dermoid cyst-    
  30. Describe the pathogenesis of hard odontogenic neoplasms
    and dens- in dente-    
  31. Environmental factors that play a role in enamel
    hypoplasia- coll
  32. Hamartomas- coll
1.      Discuss FD-
25 mks(MU)
2.      Fibro-osseous
lesions- 100 mks(MU)
3.      Enumerate
the non- neoplastic lesions of bone and describe in detail Paget’s disease-10
4.      Discuss the
pathogenesis , clinical features and radiological findings of FO lesions- 25
5.      Discuss the
histopathological DD of FO of jaw lesions-10 mks
6.      Fibro-
osseous lesions- 10 mks ,20 mks
7.      Discuss FD
of jaws–10 mks
8.      Cemento-osseous
dysplasia-10 mks
9.      Describe
pathogenesis and recent concepts of OI-20 mks-coll
10.  Osteogenic
sarcoma-10 mks-coll
11.  Radiographic
appearances of bone lesions involving the oral cavity- 10 mks- coll
12.  Cherubism-
10 mks-coll
13.  Osteoradionecrosis-
10 mks-coll
14.  Paget’s
disease- 10 mks coll
15.  Vanishing
bone disease- 10 mks coll
16.  Discuss the
different aspects of cherubism and other intra- osseous giant cell
17.  Diseases of
the bone-     94(100mks)
18.  Classify FO
lesions. Detail- FD and OF- coll
19.  Paget’s
20.  Osteogenesis
imperfecta- coll
21.  Cherubism-
  1. What Discuss tumours of nerve tissue origin- 25 mks(MU)
  2.  What is
    neuralgia? Describe the etiology and CF of TGN-10 mks
  3. Discuss TG neuralgia–10 mks  coll
  4. Write about oro-facial neuralgias-    
  5. Bell’s palsy- coll
  1. Hyperparathyroidism-10 mks 
  2. Oral aspects of endocrinal dysfunction-    
  3. Give pathogenesis , histopathology and biochemistry of
  4. Describe Diabetes mellitus w.r.t. oral lesions-  
  5. Brown’s tumour- RGUHS 06-10 mks
  6. Hyperparathyroidism-1997
  7. Discuss the effect of hormones on oral tissues- 25
  1. Bite marks, role of bite marks in FO- 10 mks 
  2. Age estimation by tooth-10 mks 
  3. Advanced techniques in forensic od-10 mks 
  4. Forensic od-100 mks
  5. Palatal rugae in FO-10 mks
  6. Write on forensic oral pathology-    
  1. Describe the healing of an extraction wound–10 mks
  2. Describe healing of fracture bone- 10 mks
  3. Discuss the factors affecting the healing of wounds. Add
    a note on the complications of healing of oral wpunds-10 mks
  4. Non healing sockets-10 mks 
  5. Describe the healing of different oral wounds and the
    factors affecting repair-20 mks
  6. Healing of the hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity-
    short notes others
  1. Sickle cell anemia- 10 mks
  2. Leukemias-10 mks
  3. Classify anemia and discuss the lab diagnosis of
    megaloblastic anemia-10 mks
  4. Discuss briefly the DD of vasoproliferative lesions of
    the oral mucosa-10 mks
  5. LCH- 10 mks 
  6. Diseases involving RBCs and their oral manifestations-
  7. Disorders of coagulation and their role in gingival
  8. DD of gingival bleeding-    
  9. Hemophilia- coll
1.      Role of
virus in oral lesions- 100 mks (MU)
2.      Discuss the
microbial flora of the oral cavity and in AIDS-25 mks ( MU)
3.      Candidiasis-
10 mks
4.      TB- 10 mks
5.      Discuss
viral lesions of oral tissues and the diagnostic principle of the same-25 mks
6.      Discuss
oral histoplamosis-10 mks
7.      Oral
manifestations of AIDS- 10 mks
8.      Opportunistic
oral infections- 10 mks
9.      Oral
lesions in TB–10 mks
10.  Oral
mycotic infections-20 mks
11.  Discuss
herpetic and herpetiform lesions of the oral cavity- others
12.  Define
viruses. Discuss the phenomenon of tissue reaction to viral  infections- others
13.  Write short
notes on gumma- others
14.  Discuss the
systemic bacterial and protozoal diseases with oral manifestations- others
15.  Short
notes- tuberculous Osteomyelitis- others
16.  Discuss
clinical and H/P aspects of candidiasis- others
17.  Candidiasis
with investigative procedures to confirm the lesions- others
18.  Describe
oral spirochetal lesions and their lab diagnosis-    
19.  Consequences
of focal and systemic infections-    
20.  Describe
protozoan parasites and their oral lesions-    
21.  What is a
virus? lesions associated with HSV-     94
22.  Molluscum
contagiosum- coll

RGUHS – Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences; GU – Gujarat University; MU – Mangalore University; Coll – Other deemed universities; Mks – Mark Questions


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